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About Indore Insititute of Computers

We are an institute which believes in quality products and services. Established in the year 1993, we have seen the IT and computer industry transform from its baby stages to a big giant and market player now. Since our inception, we have trained numerous students, worked on multiple projects in a variety of domains and successfully retained the trust of both of them. We are a place where computer education is a tradition. We are adept at computer training and software development. With over numerous happy and satisfied clients and students. Our brand is synonymous with quality products and services.

Founder Mr. Shashank Mohite

A dedicated, committed teacher and a personality with hard work at its core are few attributes of our founder. He strives to deliver the best quality from his side-be it training imparted to students or development of any project. With certificates and accolades from highly renowned institutes like Institutional member computer society of India and Prasaar Bharti, he is a successful name in the industry. Talking about his teaching skills, he is a great teacher who understands the grey areas of the students and ensures they are sorted out till eternity. He focuses on the basics and ensures the same is well-understood by his students. Coming to the projects developed under his guidance, they are undoubtedly flawless and match the client’s expectations for real. Years of experience, evolution with the time has definitely made him a superior solutions provider than others. Under his guidance many students and projects have up the ante.


Our Clients


Project Name : Win-ETBS
Deploy Location : AIR Indore , Bhopal , Raipur , Nagpur
Developed Year : 2007
Running Till Date : Yes


Project Name : Pay-Bill
Deploy Location : DMC Indore
Developed Year : 2006
Running Till Date : Yes


Project Name : MVRC
Deploy Location : Indore
Developed Year : 2018
Running Till Date : Yes


Project Name : Saimandir
Deploy Location : Indore
Developed Year : 2018
Running Till Date : Yes

We truly believe that every student and every project is unique. We understand your requirements completely and ensure that they are delivered exactly as expected. In the segment of products, we provide unmatched and unparalleled web solutions. The best part is that they are fully customised as per unique requirements. Our happy clients and fully-satisfied students are a testimony to the same. The striking feature is that our work is bilingual. So whatever your needs are, we provide effective solutions. We are proud to mention that with ‘Jain Temple’ as our client, we were the only one working to provide web solution in Hindi back then. Also a successfully running newspaper web solution is an example. In this digitally advanced age, we reduce the gap and the issues that were once associated with paper as a medium. In lieu of the same, we have provided web solutions for many of our renowned clients like (a medical chain for skin treatments) Our organised work, systematic representation of the clients’ requirements are some of our specialities. We are expert at adapting newer environments of the enraging digital age. We understand that graphs and data analysis can provide that extra edge to your work. Our web solutions come up with in-built data analytics tools that can reduce your mental calculations. With effective compilation of all your data and requirements, we abridge the repeatedly found gaps with our expertise. For example, at Maharshi skin centre, initially cards per patient were maintained. There were so many issues like space, inks fading out after sometime, etc coming up. We identified the gaps and leakages and with our web solutions and made them all extinct now. Now their digital repository is successfully running in around ten cities of India.

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